2012 May 06 Designing for Kindergarten
Long long time ago, I can still remember... The picture before this one has been the Christmas Greeting Card for the company in which I help planning wind farms, wich was sent to thousands of people - property owners, municipalities and other companies. This time it made my happy to design something for children, and it made me even happier to see it raining outside. Hopefully it will not rain in Dresden on that date of the poster. Then the kindergarten of my two boys will transform into a huge fairyland to be the place to be: Bobby Car Racing, crafting, puzzles, knight's castles, music and apple juice!
2011 August 15 Porträt im kleinformat blog
Meine virtuelle Shopping-Tour ließ mich heute abend mal wieder direkt in meinen Dawanda-Einkaufskorb schauen, dort liegt seit Wochen eine Ausgabe des kleinformat-Magazins. Wie lässt sich's lässig leben mit seinen Kindern, wenn man kreativ und Eltern ist... Klingt vielversprechend. Deswegen heute gleich nochmal auf den kleinformat-blog geklickt und ... nanu, das bin ja ich. Tausend Dank für den Montagsbeitrag vom 01.August. Da waren wir gerade im ozeaneum in Stralsund. Aber Moment mal: Heißt das jetzt eigentlich, dass wir lässig leben? Gehören Wäscheberge und rumliegende Autos dazu?...
2011 June 01 prints on shirts
As I already told you - me and the label "Ferienkinder" by Silke Großmann started a collaboration . Now the first two designs printed on shirts are available. Take a look at the nighttrain and the bacon cake ... and all the other clothes for kids and parents in her shop.
2011 April 27 Porträt im Dawanda Lovebook Sommer 2011
Der erste anfassbare Dawanda-Katalog für Käufer ist da! Auf 48 Seiten kann man darin durch eine Auswahl handgemachter Produkte stöbern. Neben Minihütchen mit rosa Schmuckkristallen, einer gehäkelten Fotokamera, einem Hocker aus Brennholzscheiten, einem gefilzten Löwenkopf für die Wand finden sich auch meine Illustrationen und ein Porträt über mich unter der schönen Rubrik "Nur die Zarten kommen in den Garten". Wer auch einen möchte, bekommt den bei Dawanda, hin und wieder packe ich auch bei den nächsten Dawanda-Verkäufen auch einen mit dazu. Aber natürlich gibt's den auch online.
2011 March 26 Collaboration with Ferienkinder
For everyone who does not know the label "Ferienkinder" - Silke Großmann from Dresden creates casual clothes for kids: Trousers, shirts, cardigans that distingish from the usual ones. Teddybears and quillings are missing. I already really like the way they are designed. Today we brainstormed how we could make people smile while looking at them and how to make them unique. Maybe these can even push down Lightning McQueen to be second or third place in Johanns 4 year old mind. Hopefully...

2011 March 13

Atomkraft? Nein Danke!

Mit dem Kauf meiner Illustrationen unterstützt Ihr ab sofort den gemeinnützigen Verein .ausgestrahlt. Diese NGO kämpft für eine Welt ohne Atomkraft, vernetzt Atomkraftgegner und organisiert so u.a. die Anti-Atom-Ketten und aktuellen Mahnwachen in Deutschland. 14% des Verkaufspreises geht als Spende am 31.03.2011 an .ausgestrahlt. 14% gegen eine Laufzeitverlängerung deutscher AKWs von 8 bzw. 14 Jahren.

Nuclear Power? No thanks!

From today on you support .ausgestrahlt with purchasing my artwork. .ausgestrahlt is a german NGO which fights for a world without nuclear power. 14% of the price go as a donation to .ausgestrahlt at 31.03.2011.
2011 March 06 I joined facebook!
Finally I got a profile and a fanpage on facebook. I'm still working on it - recently I became a member of "Hilfe-Facebook verwirrt mich!" to get some help. So if anyone of you who wants to do something good for today, just contact me ;) ... But nevertheless I started a Tombola: So be one of the first 50 people who likes this page and win of my illustrations. The Tombola will start on facebook.
2011 March 04 Winner of the stoff'n contest
Wow! Incredible! I'm overwhelmed. My very first design made it to the top. Don't know what I'm talking about? Just look at the post from February 03 this year. This was so motivating: Here are 2 new ones.
2011 February 21 Interview der Woche bei Dawanda

Ich hab's geschafft, mich den Fragen des Dawanda-Teams zu stellen (z.B. Wie hast Du Deine kreative Ader entdeckt? Woher beziehst Du Deine Inspirationen? Wie siehst Du Deine Zukunft als Designerin? ...und last but not least: Dein Schlusswort! Die Antworten in meiner Muttersprache findet Ihr im aktuellen Interview der Woche im Dawanda Blog.

... und Danke Dawanda für den süßen Einleitungstext...
2011 February 03 Designing for fabrics
I just love fabrics! There are so many fantastic designs and if I would have a little more time per day I would start sto sew (before I discovered etsy I produced some clothes for my first son... unfortunately he grew so fast, he almost couldn't wear them). But now with stoff'n I found the ideal combination of designing and creating clothes. My very first design is called "cars" (can you see how influenced I got through my boys?) and it even takes part on the next competition with the same title. It starts on 25.02. and ends on 03.03.2011 (if you like it please click click click...). By the way stoff'n is the little german sister of Spoonflower from the US. If it is more comfortable to you, you can order my design there.
2010 December 23 CD cover artwork for Iain Morrison

  It seems that Indie musicians like my illustrations too... So I received an inquiry to design the cover for the latest album of the scottish singer and songwriter Iain Morrison. "Haunted bird" is a co-production from Iain Morrison and the poet Daibhidh Martin. As one of my first designs after the time-out I really enjoyed creating this.From today on it is available to buy via Iains onlineshop.
2010 November 1 Hello Again!
I'm Back on track with some fresh ideas. Many thanks to Ute for managing my shop. Now YOU can reach me from now on personally again.
2009 November 1 Time-Out ... but not for you
Hello! I'm glad to announce the coming birth of my second son. For spending a lot of time with the two of them I decided to take a time-out for one year. In this time I also don't want to lose the contact with you. You can cover me with questions, but unfortunately there won't be time for custom wishes. But still: Ordering prints, note cards and cardboard models is still possible for you. A mother in law who is a pensionar and a former English teacher is good to have for this reason. For the next year I assigned all rights for doing my job as a seller to her: Ute Schwulst (ute.schwulst@web.de). I enabled her to print and deliver all artwork the same way I do and did and to supply you with my illustrations the next year.
2009 October 3 A Tribute to Twin Peaks ! (and David Lynch)
Happy Birthday Twin Peaks! My very favorite series turns 20! For this reason the Black Cat Bones Café in Puebla (Mexico) initialised a Twin Peaks exhibition this month which starts today. A lot of different artists represent their different interpretations of the Twin Peaks theme. One of my favourite characters is the "log lady". For this I draw this mysterious woman in December 2007. Everbody who is interested and by accident on the way to Mexico enjoy the "log lady" and her old friends at Puebla.
2009 September 29 Cardbord Models
Since I've seen the small miniature exhibition of all kinds of cardboard models in the "Verkehrs-museum" of Dresden I couldn't get rid of the idea to create my own models. "house harbour island" and "skyscraper" are the first ones which btw. relate to my illustrations "sunset over harbour island" and "skyscraper (part one and two)". Now they are available in my shops in form of pdf-download files.
2009 August 27 Collaborative coloring book

I wish it would have been mine, but Yael Frankel (yaelfran) had the fantastic idea of a coloring book for kids. Every month she features now a group of 15 illustrators who will showcase their interpreation of a different theme. On the picture below you can see my interpretation of September's issue "We are STRONG". This and the following issues you can order on her etsy page www.yaelfran.etsy.com. (August: "We are HAPPY", October: "We are HEALTHY" and two special editions for Haloween "We are SCARY" and for Christmas "We are SPIRITUAL" - the last one will include an illustration from me).

2009 June 17 Hello again, Dresden
Obviously there are also positive things of engaging trainees. Some of them will be infected by your ideas and will continue it in any way. So did Nina Buttendorf who was a short term trainee in 2008 in Dianas store "Auf der Pirsch" and now opened a new store in Dresden-Neustadt. What's new: At the "buttendorf" you can buy handmade products and have a cup of coffee and a muffin before you leave.
No, it's not me among the girls... Check out her lovely store and take a look at my prints in person. buttendorf: Kamenzer Straße 17, 01099 Dresden (opens mo-fr 12-20 and sa 11-16).
2009 April 11 Big in Berlin
Although it is long time ago I came to visit our capital some of my prints do now. They are lying and hanging in the little store of Nici and Benny in Berlin-Kreuzberg with the name "supermarché".
supermarché: Lausitzer Platz 11, 10997 Berlin (opens mo-sa 11-20)


2009 Feb 13 CD artwork for Bergen

One month to go and I already am quite excited about the release of Bergens new album called "Gegenteil von Stadt". When I was doing the 9-pages artwork I coundn't get the lyrics out of my mind: "Mal mir auf ein Blatt / mit grau-schwarzen Kästchen / das Gegenteil von Stadt / mal Bäume, einen Turm / dazu ein paar Mädchen, die's in der Gegen hat". I am happy and a little proud to hold the CD already in my hands. Thanks Bergen for letting me do this for you and congrats to your fabulous album!

2009 Feb 04 Hello and Welcome!
Finally I made it... ok at least I did my first steps in designing the web with doing some exercises with my own Website. Yes: My own website!
Note: In spite of careful control, I'm not liable for the contents of these external links.